Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life in the Desert

Having just returned last night from an overnight two-day shoot in the desert, I thought I would share our filming schedule. This is after I cleaned all sand from my cracks and crevices (pronounced CREE-VAH-SIS).  For the shoot, my responsibility was that of a Production Coordinator.

Tuesday May 14th

04:45 AM Wake up, shower, eat, jump in car and head out to Citrus College.

06:15 AM Arrive at Citrus College. I had to arrive early to ensure that all crew were assigned to the appropriate passenger vans and that no one was left behind.

07:15 AM Three passenger vans begin the two hour drive to set in Johnson Valley.

09:30 AM Arrive on set. Immediately put on suntan lotion. Begin production.

12:30 PM Break for lunch.

01:00 PM Back to production.

07:30 PM Wrap production. Jump in passenger van and begin 35 minute drive to dinner.

08:15 PM Eat dinner.

09:00 PM Leave for hotel.

09:15 PM Arrive at hotel. Check-in. Shower immediately. Consume alcohol with cast and/or crew.

11:00 PM Sleep.

Wednesday May 15th

06:00 AM Wake. Shit. Shower. Eat.

07:30 AM Back into vans. Leave for set.

08:45 AM Arrive on set. Put on suntan lotion. Begin production.

01:00 PM Break for lunch.

01:30 PM Back to production.

07:15 PM Even though production hasn't wrapped, a van of crew had to leave set due to AFI rules in regards to hours worked and food and such. I was on that van.

09:15 PM Arrive at Citrus College. Jump in car and head for home, stopping only to grab some crappy drive-thru fast food.

10:15 PM Arrive at home. Shower immediately. Kiss wife. Pass out.

More stories from the set to come...


coldnorthgamer said...

Sounds awesome! Will be seeing your name on the big screen? Having just recently seen Iron Man 3, I am still amazed at the number of people it takes to make an action blockbuster movie.

mrbuckyk said...

Hah! It will take years (literally) for my name to be on the big screen... if ever.

But yes, it takes hundreds upon hundreds of folks to make a special effects heavy movie like IM3. I really dug that film. Did you like it?

coldnorthgamer said...

Oh, I liked IM3 a lot, much better than the 2nd movie. Very intense, I came out of the theatre sweating. I have a theory about Stark's anxiety after returning from the wormhole. It has to do with a recent Skrull invasion storyline Marvel did a few years ago. I'm looking forward to more Avengers.